Dr. Elnur Safarov

Dr. Elnur Safarov is a Coordinator of Caspian Integrated Scientific Network (CASPISNET) since 2018, and also Senior Scientific Researcher at the Caspian Sea Level Problem Department, Institute of Geography The Ministry of Science and Education. His major functions include the production of different reports, publications in climate, oceanology, environmental sciences, geo sciences also organisation of different annual and interim meetings, workshops, field works, seminars, summer schools including planning and preparation of their content for the wide range of researchers and experts involved in transdisciplinar study of the Caspian Sea Basin following the UN 2030 SDG's within CASPISNET activity plan. Area of expertise: Caspian Sea level, climate change, oceanology, satellite altimetry, RS/GIS, river and flood modelling, environmental management, water resource management, teaching, marine litter cleaning, pressure and impact analysis of the transitional and coastal water bodies, project management.

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