The history of this project comes from the First Field Work organised to Neftchala Region (Beacon 1)  within Joint Norway-Azerbaijan project on reducing plastic litter in the Caspian Sea region on a theme of "Cleaning Riverine Plastic from a Transboundary Inflow to the Caspian (CRIPTIC)" project funded by the Norwegian Retailers’ Environmental Fund (Handelens Miljøfund).

Based on the feedback wereceived for a short video made for the first field survey, we realised that the video reached a larger audience spectrum and became a source of inspiration for many more, and it is a good medium for promoting the project, the funder and in general Norway's role in financingplastic combating activities internationally. There is a second field activity in CRIPTIC, whereCRIPTIC - movie will use this opportunity to shoot most of the video materials like drone and land-based scenes, by hiring a professional local filming company. Combining an already financedfield activity with professional movie production will be much more cost-effective and realistic in presenting an ongoing HMF-financed project. The main line of the presentation – bringingup-to-date knowledge (novel research tools) through international cooperation to practicalimplementation (cleaner environment).


1) short (5-10 min.) video presentation to be widely available – distributed via open Internetplatforms, (e.g., YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, MyNewsDesk), regional and local media (TV),conferences, and workshops.
2) extended (30-45 min.) video presentation to be presented as an introductory lecture ateducational and training courses. 

For more information about the project please contact:

1. Dr. Peygham Ghaffari - CRIPTIC Project manager,
    e-mail:  [email protected]  
2. Dr. Elnur Safarov - CRIPTIC Project Manager for   Azerbaijan,
    e-mail: [email protected]