Dr. Stefano Vignudelli

Dr. Stefano Vignudelli is a senior scientist employed at the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (National Research Council) in Pisa, Italy. He has over 25 years of scientific experience in the area of Earth Observation using satellite remote sensing (radar altimetry, in particular) for studying coastal and inland environments (water level variability, in particular). Major interests include processing methods for data analysis, validation with local field observations, multi‐sensor synergy, exploitation of data from the European Copernicus program. Most significant accomplishment has been to lead development of satellite radar altimetry in the coastal zone to provide improved measurements for sea level research and applications. He is one of the organizers of a regular series of coastal altimetry workshops (Silver Spring 2008, Pisa, 2008, Frascati 2009, Porto 2010, San Diego 2011, Riva del Garda 2012, Boulder 2013, Lake Constance 2014, Reston 2015, Florence 2017, Frascati 2018 and 2020), co‐editor of the Springer Book “Coastal Altimetry” (20 chapters, 70 people involved and top 25% Springer books) and subsequent reviews of the topic (Survey Geophysics 2019, Elsevier 2019). He is actively involved in international cooperation through joint projects, exchange visits, attendance at workshops and capacity building. He is also co‐author of five chapters of books and more than 100 publications (half in peer‐reviewed journals). He is coordinator/partner/evaluator of scientific projects. He is member of organizing/scientific committees and international societies. He is actually associate editor for Elsevier Advances in Space Research Journal in the area of satellite oceanography and vice‐president elect of Pan Ocean Remote Sensing Conference (PORSEC) association.